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Urine Drug Testing

TOXICOLOGY - Testing for Drugs of Abuse

Identifying Standard and Emerging Drugs in Clinical Samples (Urine or Oral Fluid)



Many drugs such as Carfentanyl, Kava Kratom, and various forms of synthetic marijuana like K2, Spice, Bath Salts, AK-47, and 24 Karat Gold are difficult to detect. Medical Source and our strategic partners in the academic, state, and commercial marketplace remain vigilant to incorporate methods for their identification into your clinical laboratory.

URINE DRUG TESTING provides objective information to identify the presence or absence of drugs or drug classes in the body and assists in making treatment decisions.

There are three types of testing for substance and drugs of abuse.

1.      Specimen Validity Testing - to ensure the sample is consistent with normal human urine and has not been adulterated or substituted; may include pH, specific gravity, oxidants, and creatinine.

2.      Presumptive / Qualitative Drug Testing - to determine the presence or absence of drugs or drug classes in a human sample; results are expressed as negative, positive, or as a numerical result.

3.      Definitive / Quantitative Drug Testing - to identify specific medications, illicit substances, and metabolites; reports the results of drugs absent or present in concentrations of ng/ml; payment is limited to LC/MS methodology.

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