TOXBOX - Custom 96 well plates designed and manufactured to meet the unique, individual needs of each client laboratory.

TOXBOX. A high throughput methodology that reduces the time and man hours required for pre-analytical sample preparation of urine toxicology specimens run on LC/MS.

TOXBOX is certified reference material custom manufactured in a pre-spiked plate containing all calibration standards, internal standards, and second source standards (QCs) for your unique and specific drug and metabolite panels.

TOXBOX insures reliable, accurate, reproducible results, while significantly reducing human error and pre-analytical labor time, as your analytical chemist (or liquid handling system) simply adds blank urine and sample urine to the appropriate wells.

Supported on multiple LC/MS platforms and adaptable to all existing laboratory methods, TOXBOX offers sample flexibility for both blood or urine matrices.

Consulting services are provided to accelerate implementation.

  • On site consulting Pinpoint Testing
  • Validation
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Manufactured by Cayman Chemical
  • ISO Guide 34
  • ISO/ISE 17025

We support clients throughout the United States

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Marietta, Georgia 30062



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