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Medical Source will help you select and employ the most appropriate products for your unique, distinctive data, volume, and testing requirements. Our market insight, experience, and unmatched expertise in all aspects of clinical laboratory operations will make us an instrumental partner in your success.


Our comprehensive knowledge of clinical laboratory instrumentation and the differences between each manufacturer, test menu, and instrument's cost efficiency at various testing volumes will be of incredible value.


We work with Senior Management to plan, design, implement, optimize, and manage the most profitable clinical laboratory for your patient or client base, while providing on-going support to ensure each solution employed delivers long lasting value.


As a distributor of all clinical laboratory instruments, with the exception of Abbott, we offer unbiased recommendations on the clinical solutions most appropriate for your unique data, volume, and testing requirements.

LC/MS Mass Spectometry

Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

LC/MS Mass Spectometry Instruments

Many drugs such as Carfentanyl, Kava Kratom, and various forms of synthetic marijuana like K2, Spice, Bath Salts, AK-47, and 24 Karat Gold are difficult to detect. MEDICAL SOURCE and our strategic partners in the academic, state, commercial marketplace remain vigilant to incorporate methods for their identification into your clinical laboratory.

Urine drug testing provides objective information to identify the presence or absence of drugs or drug classes in the body and assists in making treatment decisions.

Definitive / Quantitative or Confirmatory Drug Testing is performed on LC/MS Mass Spectometry Instruments to identify specific medications, illicit substances, and metabolites; reporting the results of drugs absent or present in concentrations of ng/ml; payment from Medicare and Private Payers is limited to LC/MS methodology.

Our value is to not only help you select the most accurate, reliable, and cost efficient instrument for your data, volume, and testing requirements, but to provide all the management expertise required to operate this highly complex laboratory, with a focus on optimizing data quality and profitability over time.

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MEDICAL SOURCE proudly represents every manufacturer of clinical laboratory instrumentation, with the exception of Abbott which distributes their products exclusively through McKesson.


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